simple harmonic motion

simple harmonic motion
periodic motion in which the restoring force is proportional to the displacement
Hypernyms: ↑harmonic motion

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  • Simple harmonic motion — is the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator, a motion that is neither driven nor damped. The motion is periodic, as it repeats itself at standard intervals in a specific manner described as being sinusoidal, with constant amplitude. It is… …   Wikipedia

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  • simple harmonic motion — noun a form of vibratory motion which may be represented by projecting on to the diameter of a circle the uniform motion of a point round its circumference. Abbrev.: SHM …  

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  • Complex harmonic motion — occurs when a number of simple harmonic motions are combined. Chords in music are an example of this phenomenon. Any continuous periodic function can be represented as a complex harmonic motion using its fourier series. See also Cymatics… …   Wikipedia

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